We are always searching for new introducer relationships with companies who would like to benefit from our professional service and competitive commission rates.

We work closely with Estate Agents, Solicitors, Accountants and Independent Financial Advisers.

Providing a total service to your clients, including specialist mortgage advice, is an effective way to develop your business and increase profitability.

As you’re aware, establishing your own mortgage service for your clients is a major undertaking, one which diverts financial and practical resources away from your core business.

Our partnership will be as unique and individual as your company is. This means we can give you a tailored service that fits perfectly in to your existing operation and infrastructure. We can provide this service on a full or part time basis within your office, or from a distance over the phone.

Mortgages To Go will provide you with a professional, experienced and qualified adviser who will be employed and managed by us. You have the opportunity to qualify the prospective adviser before you agree to refer clients to them. Alternatively, if you have an existing adviser we can undertake to manage them. This relieves you of the training, competency and compliance requirements.

Our Sales Management Team provide ongoing coaching and development for the adviser and your staff, as agreed with you, in order to maximise your financial services opportunities.

Please get in contact to discuss your firms requirements, and we will look to tailor a professional solution for your benefit.

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